Is It for Me?

Being a dog breeder sounds great, doesn’t it? It means you get to be surrounded by puppies all day and watch as families come to your home and find their new best friend. It’s heartwarming, and you play a key role in finding homes for these dogs. But before you jump into dog breeding, find out what it takes. On this site, you can learn how much it costs to breed dogs and what duties you’d have as a breeder.

Health Problems

image of health problemsPart of being a dog breeder is selecting dogs to mate with each other so that you have puppies to sell. But as you go about selecting these dogs, consider their health and heritage. If a dog has a lineage of health problems such as heart worms, you may want to pick a different one for breeding. You don’t want to pass along these health problems for future owners to deal with later. Your puppies will sell better if they’re healthy.

Be Flexible

image of dogsAs a dog breeder, you need to be flexible. You’ve probably already guessed by now that dog breeding isn’t like your average desk job. You work from home and essentially own your own business. So you call all the shots. But it also means you depend entirely on your customers for any profit. You’ll need to be flexible about letting people come to your home and play with or even rent your puppies. Your flexibility will earn your customers’ trust and give you better sales.

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