About Sadie

From the time I was little, I knew I wanted to be a dog breeder when I grew up. My family owned just one dog—a Labrador named Carter—and I loved that hound. He was older than I was, so I never knew life without him. He was already in my family before I was born.

When I was about 10, though, Carter was reaching the end of his life. To liven things up in the home and give Carter a little company, my parents decided to get another dog. This one was a border collie, and she was gorgeous. I helped my parents pick her out because they knew how much I loved dogs and was interested in becoming a breeder one day.

Visiting the dog breeder was heaven to me! I loved going to her house and playing with all her puppies, especially with our border collie. During our visits, I’d ask the breeder all about her job. That experience confirmed my desire to breed my own dogs someday.

So here I am. I’ve been a breeder for about five years, and I breed Shetland sheepdogs and border collies. Someday I might expand the types of breeds I sell, but for now, I’m loving the ones I work with.

I started this blog to talk about my job. I wanted to share what a day in my life is like and inform anyone who’s also interested in breeding dogs. Here you can learn how to plan financially as a breeder and how to turn your passion for dogs into a profession. If you’re interested in other types of pets, though, check out my blog for other articles too. Thanks for reading!